Mother of Pearl

We have created jewellery pieces with the natural material found inside the oyster shell. This luminous stone is complemented well with scintillating diamonds, creating bold designs with high shine and elegance.
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Coloured Diamond

Crafted using incredible naturally-coloured diamonds, a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours ensures the rings, pendants and earrings in this collection are one-of-a-kind creations, designed and manufactured to highlight the unique qualities of each individual stone.
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These international labs’ certified diamonds are cut specifically to look as a solitaire to be set in jewellery designed specially for you. Looking like 7-8 carat solitaire, these diamonds will surely create an impact of a lifetime.
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In our gemstones collection we celebrate the simple beauty of the gems using various precious and semi-precious gemstones. It is light and minimal for all the young, dynamic and vibrant women out there. It is contemporary in inspiration and yet traditionally crafted.
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More than purely ornamental, tassels have a history of denoting power and status of their wearer. Synonymous with opulence and grace, the Tassel collection features delicate beads of diamonds, pearls or other coloured gemstones dancing majestically. Hung from a simple but elegant chain or below an intricate selection of diamond petals, the look is simultaneously contemporary and traditional.
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This Collection is for all the wonderful women who turn our houses into homes. Designed specially for its durability, wearability, beauty and uniqueness, it is not the jewellery you would want to keep in your lockers.
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Radiant and sophisticated, every Anuti diamond solitaire is meticulously hand-chosen for its peerless sparkle. The result is timelessly elegant jewellery to mark your precious moments. Be it classic solitaire ear studs, ever essential solitaire engagement ring, a tennis bracelet, opulent single line bangle or a diamond solitaire string, these ever beautiful classic pieces will bring out the radiance that is already there in you.
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Celebrate the most romantic day of your life with peerlessly beautiful diamond jewellery from Anuti. Our wedding jewellery collections will reflect the uniqueness of your personality and heighten your natural beauty as you begin a new journey as a couple. From dramatic diamond drop earrings, royally elegant necklaces to delicately beautiful diamond bracelets and bangles, our bridal jewellery will serve as a life-long reminder of a magical day together.
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This collection is the celebration of all 3 colours of gold i.e. White gold, rose gold and yellow gold. White signifies elegance, rose signifies beauty and yellow signifies tradition. The three characteristics of an Indian Woman.
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Rac N Stac

The digital era we live in today, Millennials and Gen Y do not have time or budget to buy multiple pieces of jewellery to style with every outfit and thus, prefer to avoid diamond jewellery as whole or stick to fashion jewellery instead. To address this growing concern, our Rac n Stac collection is designed to make diamonds fun! The Rac n Stac concept is for rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings.
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